Our Workgroups

In order to implement our three main missions, volunteers participate in various workgroups.

Mission 1: Testimonies, Support and Advice

  • The Helpline and Online-Chat Group
    • manages our helpline and online chat (helpline advisors receive comprehensive training beforehand)
    • manages the database of services for referrals
  • The Internet Watch group
    • gathers online testimonies
    • analyses homophobic abuse that is reported to us in order to demand of the authors or hosts to withdraw them.
  • The Legal Support Group
    • provides legal advice for victims of LGBT abuse and discrimination
    • supports and accompanies victims who lodge complaints and/or want to bring a civil lawsuit before a court

Mission 2: Prevention

  • The School-based Intervention Group
    • offers interventions in middle and high school classes all over France in order to raise awareness of hate-motivated abuse and discrimination against LGBT+ people. The volunteers receive a comprehensive training beforehand.
    • Advises and informs teachers and educational institutions on how to address LGBT issues.
  • The Adolescents Group
    • manages the website“cestcommeca.net”, which gives young people access to all kinds of information regarding LGBT issues, with one page for testimonies of young victims of homophobia and transphobia.
  • The “Interventions for Adults” Group
    • offers interventions for adults in public and private institutions (police, healthcare, trade unions, etc.) as well as businesses in order to raise awareness of hate-motivated abuse and discrimination against LGBT+ people. The volunteers receive a comprehensive training beforehand.
    • offers public and private institutions as well as businesses personalized training courses on how to raise awareness of LGBT abuse and discrimination in the workplace.

Mission 3: Advocacy

  • The Annual Report Group
    • edits and writes our Annual Report on homophobia based on the testimonies received via our helpline and website as well as on the media coverage of homophobia
  • The Events Group
    • organizes events to promote our organisation and to raise public awareness
    • organizes fund-raising events to help finance our organisation
  • The Lesbophobia Group
    • focuses on specific lesbian issues such as MAP (medically assisted procreation, which is not open to single women and lesbians couples in France)
    • advises and informs the lesbian community on lesbophobia
    • produces documentation on lesbian issues  such as the 2015 survey “Visibility of Lesbians and Lesbophobia in France” (English version on our website)
  • The Biphobia Group
    • focuses on bi issues
    • produces documentation on bi issues  such as the first survey “A National Survey of Bisexuality in France” in 2015 (in French on our website)
  • The Trans and Gender Identity Group
    • raises awareness on trans and gender identity issues
  • The Advocacy Group
    • reacts to events via press releases and our media contacts
    • calls on public figures and politicians, institutions and leading organisations to implement the measures that will prevent the violence and discrimination against LGBT people.

There are several other workgroups that are concerned with issues such as international relations, racism and ethnic identity,  as well as administrative activities for our organisation.